Written by: Peter I. Horton

The airless, desolate Jovian moon of Io has been the graveyard of colonists since space exploration began… so the government back on Earth gave it a new purpose:


While mankind begins its spread across the solar system, their irredeemable and criminally insane are buried in a complex beneath Io’s crust, never again to see the light of day.

That is, until today.

With the ingenuity of the condemned, the prisoners rebel against their guards, seizing what they can and assembling the first interplanetary threat Earth has ever faced. An international task force is hastily formed, intent on putting down the rebellion… setting the stage for humanity’s first war between worlds.

Multimedia Revenue streams:

Webisodes and Shorts – extended story beyond the film itself, shot during production, extending and selling the world of PRISON MOON IO.

Social Games – a casual gaming experience built for popular social media like facebook, played around events leading to PRISON MOON IO.

iOS/Android apps – Phone and tablet-based games designed to bring the action of PRISON MOON IO to fans, and potential fans.

Creative Team as of July 9 2013

  • Writers: Peter I. Horton
  • Director: Mario Azzopardi
  • Producers: (Canada): G. Philip Jackson, Ken Gord
  • Producers: (Germany and or Europe): Mark Pickering, Frank Winnenbrock
  • Executive Producers: (Germany or Europe): Lynda Cope, Hendrik Hey
  • Executive Producer: (Hollywood): William Jarblum
  • Co-Executive Producers: (Canada): Demerise Lafleur
  • Co-Executive Producers: (Hollywood): Valerie McCaffery
  • DOP: Jonathan Freeman (Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones) in discussion.
  • Production Design: Taavo Soodor
  • Composer: Donald Quan
  • Soundtrack: Marquee artists TBA


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