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Cannes award winning director Clay Boris helms this explosive, story of Ray Harlan (Greg Evigan, Journey to the Center of the Earth, BJ & the Bear), a cop who has moved back to his home town in search of a life less stressful than his old New York City beat. Harlan’s search is curtailed when a heist gone wrong spirals him into a world of corruption. Met by his brother and fellow police officer (Rob Stewart, Regenesis) events lead Harlan, to suspect that the police are collaborating with the Russian mob. In an action packed 24hr period, Harlan sees his Captain (Tony Lo Bianco The French Connection) and mentor become his nemesis. Sydney Penny plays the hard-assed love interest who must protect Harlan against himself in this epic struggle of individuals against an ugly machine.


“… great looking … slick without being distracting.”
Apollo Guide Review


AVAILABLE: World, shot widescreen on 35mm

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