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SolSys is a character driven, conceptually vigorous science-fiction series. We’ve commercialized outer space, built worlds and done great things. Yet, as always, we’ve brought the bad with the good.


Humanity is the new outer limit, transforming ourselves in ways previously unimagined. Some of the transformed live great lives; others commit crimes only possible in this unique era.


Interplanetary law seeks to limit extreme forms of human transformation lest we become something unthinkable. Our main characters are bounty-hunters in this time.


17-year-old Phen Phang is a female street kid who’s sacrificed her body and a bit of her soul to radical cyber-robotic re-invention. A dark path that led her here.


Rez Nobody,19, is Phang’s street soulmate. Genetically made to order, his rich father deemed him a failure, abandoning him to the streets of a decommissioned space station.


At 9, Ayity is an orphan adopted into our bounty-hunting family. He’s no idea he’s the anointed future leader of a cult who believe they must prepare humanity for its metamorphosis into something better.


They are all mentored by male co-lead, Dante (Michael Paré) and female co-lead Percy (Tanya Allen) along with corruptible Rodolfo deLuna (Stephen Marcus) and others.


A secret paleontological dig on Saturn’s tiny moon Epimetheus finds an ancient alien artifact; huge, its manifest in dimensions not yet understood, nor is its surprising role in our future.


The crew is a capable, if quarrelsome lot. Drawn by fortune or misfortune to bounty-hunting, friends or frenemies depending on the day. Each time they pursue a bounty, they are drawn further into a crucible of changing reality that impacts who and what they are.