Service Production


    • Starfield Indie’s management team has service produced, delivering so much more, when requested, then just faithful production services.


    • We are closely associated with special FX / CGI house Eggplant Pictures. In addition to being particularly knowledgeable in special effects and CGI, our relationship allows us to deliver high quality work for a lower price FX from the set through post production.


    • We have a history of negotiating reasonable variances with unions in consideration of your budgetary requirements.


    • We have business affairs capacity that can assist in everything from closing your deals, if needed, to assistance in completion financing banking your tax credits.


    • If you have international partners, we are experienced in co-production with France, UK, Germany and other territories. We can communicate with your partners in English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese.


    • We have been trusted by completion Bonds to take charge of productions in distress, and bring the product into port on time and to a high standard with responsible economic management.


    • We are experienced in feature films ($3.5-$20,000,000 budget ranges in service productions) and dramatic series producers.


  • We have excellent pricing relationships with suppliers.


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