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Starfield Independent Studios Inc. DBA Starfield Indie
Starhunter CreatorCo Inc.
Starhunter Transformation Inc.
Starhunter Music Publishing Inc.
International Media Finance Group 2 Inc.
Starhunter Productions NB, Ltd,
Starhunter 2300 Productions Inc.
The Danforth Studios Ltd,
Producer Network Associates Inc.
111973 Ontario Inc.
Men of Means Productions Inc.

Deadly Productions Inc.
Greystone Entertainment Inc.
Unmarked Productions Inc.
The RepliKator Company,
Dark Wake Productions,
AliceCo Incorporated,
DDR Inc,
DDR Documentary Inc,
Shepherd Productions Inc.
OrbitCo Inc.
Cusp Productions Inc.

Aurora Motion Pictures Inc.
SpaceWorks GameCo Inc.
SpaceWorks Studios Inc.
SpaceWorks Entertainment Inc.
Ice Planet GameCo Inc.
Ice Planet Canada (1) Inc.
Ice Planet Canada (2) Inc.
International Media Finance Group Inc.,