When in production our Production Manager only hires crew through union locals in the country(s) of production. So you should enquire through your related union.
Likewise, casting is done through 3rd party casting agencies – your agent will know who that is once we’ve announced production.


Please see the Submissions page.


Occasionally employment opportunities arise for our corporate team. In that event they will be posted on this site.

We are always interested in having on file the CV’s of people with experience and depth in:

  • Business affairs for film and TV finance.
  • PR/Media in film and TV (must be good in digital and web environments)
  • Editing for film and TV
  • Expertise in exploiting and collections in digital realms

CV’s sent to us are maintained for up to one year since submission, after which they are deleted and you should feel welcome to submit an update.

We do try, but, being a small team we cannot reply to all the submissions.