To make your life, and our lives, easier here’s what you need to know about screenplay or other creative property submissions to Starfield Indie:

We cannot and do not accept or read any unsolicited scripts, treatments that do not follow the procedures below. If improperly submitted properties are received they will be destroyed without being read. Sorry, no exceptions.

To avoid this fate:

  1. Submissions must be via your agent or solicitor, through whom you will be asked to sign an industry standard waiver. It’s a long story but this requirement is for your protection and ours.
  2. Never ever submit a screenplay in which the chain-of-title is not entirely owned or controlled by you. You will be asked to prove this is the case before we may read it.
  3. The creative you submit must be
    • highly original in nature,
    • engaging and entertaining.
    • Internationally accessible,
    • Fully polished and,
    • No matter how wildly outrageous your story, it must ring true.
    • Extremely creative and unusual but disciplined writing is great.
  4. A script that has a major star or an element of private financing attached will go to the top of the pile more quickly than one that doesn’t.
  5. When we do negotiate the acquisition of a submitted script, such an agreement will give us full control of the property.
  6. If it is your goal to become a director or producer by attaching yourself to the script, best of luck, but not with us.

If you meet these criteria, do have your agent write: for the forms, or write to us by real mail (see Contact page).

Like all good things, reviewing submissions take time; but yes we have bought scripts from time to time and produced them.

We don’t care if we’ve never heard of you. We care if it’s good, original, disciplined work.