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Written by: Lex Gord-Fredericks and Ken Gord

TIG MILLIGAN (17) is an overweight teen with self-esteem issues.

She and her best friend DARLA LOVE (17) are a perfect twosome – both misfits and school outcasts – one indefatigably optimistic, the other darkly cynical. Both are about to graduate from the hell that is high school to a brighter future in college.

Tig has had a crush on bimboy ETHAN BARKER (18) since they were children, but he’s going with the popular blonde princess SHANNON SHELBY (17).

Tig has always been a sympathetic friend to Ethan, who bends her ear when he is having problems. Unfortunately, Tig misinterprets this as a sign that they could have a future together.

At the high school prom, Ethan has a fight with Shannon, then ends up driving Tig home. Angry and drunk, Ethan gets into an accident. When the police arrive, Ethan (who has prior DUI convictions) begs Tig to say that she was driving. Thinking that she will somehow be rewarded, Tig reluctantly agrees.

What she ends up with is a conviction, 100 hours of community service, the loss of her scholarship to college, and no appreciation from the self-centred jerk who ruined her life.

But Tig’s like turns in a new direction when she begins her community service as a volunteer at a mental health center. In an ironic twist of fate, Ethan ends up being sentenced for counselling there after another DUI incident, and Tig is assigned to be his peer counsellor.

Seeing Tig in this new role, and seeing that she has blossomed, Ethan becomes attracted to Tig for the first time. It’s her dream come true! Or is it… ?

A touching, irreverent and funny story about the longing to fit in and the need to be true to oneself, FUGLY is a teenage dramedy in the vein of MEAN GIRLS, GHOST WORLD and JUNO. It speaks to every girl who has ever felt the need to fit in, or the pang of unrequited love.


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