Written by: Nelu Ghiran

A once-brilliant scientist discovers that he regains insight when he risks his own life. Is he going mad, or is he unravelling the mysteries of the universe in real time?

Gary Rodax is in a midlife crisis. Once an academic wunderkind who could crack open the cosmos to reveal it’s secrets, he’s lost his touch. Now his marriage is in shambles, fellow academics conspire against him, and his life is slipping away from him a day at a time until a seemingly random crime changes his life fundamentally.

Creative Team as of July 9 2013

  • Writer: Nelu Ghiran
  • Producers: (Canada) G. Philip Jackson, Ken Gord
  • Producers: (Germany and or Europe) Mark Pickering, Frank Winnenbrock
  • Executive Producers: (Germany and or Europe) Lynda Cope, Hendrik Hey
  • Executive Producer: (Hollywood): William Jarblum
  • Co-Executive Producers: (Canada): Demerise Lafleur
  • Co-Executive Producers: (Hollywood): Valerie McCaffery
  • DOP: Rick Wincenty
  • Production Design: Taavo Soodor
  • Composer: Donald Quan
  • Soundtrack: Multiple marquee artists TBA

Rodax synopisis screenshot


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