Jackie Burroughs stars as an astutely fictionalized Maryse Holder, a teacher, an intellectual of her time and ultimately, ill-fated feminist author who met an untimely death in Acapulco.

When A Winter Tan first came out it did some 38 major film festivals – long before festivals became easy and plentiful by the internet. This was real cinema, fabulously rendered and performed, controversial and unrelentingly opinionated about things we often don’t like talking about; sex’ feminism, racism, privilege and poverty and it’s art over polemic. Few viewers will feel vindicated, but the entertainment, debate and admiration -in some cases enraged admiration- will stay with you.


TIFF  Premier, Nominated, Genie Best Achievement in Direction, Best Screenplay, Adapted, Best Motion Picture, Best Achievement in Film Editing.Won, Genie, Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role


Director: John Frizzel Jacquie Burrows, Louise Clark John Walker CSC
Year of Production:
Running Time: 99min
Language: English
Format: transferred from the 35MM to 4K widescreen.
Status: Complete
Available Territories: world-wide