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STARFIELD INDIE’s Digital Ops (including this site, starfieldcreatorco.com) starhunterIndie.tv, Starfieldindiereleasing.tv, imfg2.com and any new or to-come platforms owned or controlled by Starfield Indie, (jointly “Starfield Indie”) and you, agree to comply with these terms of use, including its “Gigs”, “Submissions”, “Contact” functions and copyright rules as well as applicable laws.


STARFIELD INDIE allows you to access a variety of content, for your information and entertainment. It also participates by links, to 3rd parties it does not control, such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram etc for sharing ideas, comments and creations. STARFIELD INDIE

STARFIELD INDIE/Starfield Indie must honour the agreements it has with its

When you interact with STARFIELD INDIE, you are responsible for the content you contribute by any means, whether through comments, on our sites or in discussion forums or in interactive applications, for example only, contests in Starhunter.tv and also including using third-party social media. You must hold all of the required rights and authorizations to the content of your submissions, and you grant to STARFIELD INDIE a licence to reproduce and share it in any media or platform.

If you access STARFIELD INDIE through third-party platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, or others, their terms of use apply in addition to those of STARFIELD INDIE.

Starfield Indie content

MEDIA and Review use of STARFIELD INDIE images.  

STARFIELD INDIE does not allow the reproduction or public communication of content it produces or acquires, this is so as to assure the integrity of its agreements with its authors, artists and others.

To be allowed to reproduce or present certain content in public, you must first obtain a licence from STARFIELD INDIE.


News Media, Entertainment Bloggers, Fan Sites may all use appropriate images on their sites, or in their publication, on a non-exclusive basis, for the purposes of reviews, critical essays, articles or features on the company done for review and critical evaluation purposes: so long as the words “c copyright Starfield Indie, all rights reserved 2017” are legibly written alongside any images on this site.

Clips from trailers, or trailers themselves, may also be copied from the site in a good quality form of reproduction for your Blog, Review, Professional Media, for up to two minutes of aggregate use, per trailer, per article.  Non-trailer clips from shows, however obtained, must not be copied without written permission.

If articles of a slanderous or hateful nature towards any identifiable group, our audience, fans, or ourselves, (excluding legitimate critical discussion) is used – in any context of use our content – such rights will be revoked.

For additional clarity, the above paragraph does not intend to constrain strongly felt critical discourse, but to protect persons for hate-driven indignity.  

Might I repost content from STARFIELD INDIE?

Yes, by hyperlink only. You may place links to STARFIELD INDIE on mainstream, artistic, social, film-criticism and fan-based social media.  Again, no one may use our content on sites that promote ethnic, racial, gender, religious – or any other – hate or discriminatory content.   

STARFIELD INDIE retains the right to delete, ban or block your account, at its discretion, if you abuse these Terms of Use or in case we deem to be of legal infringement.

You are responsible for what you share with the public on STARFIELD INDIE or through Starfield Indie digital services, and you are responsible for the legality of your submissions, (including rights of privacy, image rights, reputation, copyright and other rights of third parties). In participating, you declare that you have retained all required rights for your submissions.

Each interactive activity or contest on STARFIELD INDIE or its digital services may have its own specific rules to follow, in addition to these Terms of Use. You must refer to the specific activity or contest webpage for those specifics.

STARFIELD INDIE may modify or edit your submission for a better understanding or for technical reasons, but not for content or meaning.

What about shopping on STARFIELD INDIE?

Starfield Indie will soon be making online store(s) available to you.  When this happens, there will be terms applicable to online business transactions with the STARFIELD INDIE Store(s) on their webs.


STARFIELD INDIE avails itself of strong protocols to protect any personal information that it may collect.  All such data use is governed by the Canadian federal Privacy Act.  Specifically, we retain data for up to one year (or as required if relevant to a legal issue) for participants in contests, or up to five years the case that you have specifically asked us to keep you advised of events, releases, new production or content etc. We will only use this information to the extent needed to reach you if asked, or to notify you of contest results, according to the rules posted for the contest

  1. Do we use web analytics software, data management platforms, or advertising targeting technology?

Some data (such as buyer responses to our product) is aggregated for statistical analysis use. STARFIELD INDIE may collect information using digital markers and analyzes data to evaluate the operation of its digital platforms..

  1. What kind of security is used when I use social media in conjunction with your site(s)?

STARFIELD INDIE and or linked social media platforms, use social media to extension of our digital presence. Third Party social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) are public and not hosted on STARFIELD INDIE servers.

Personal information that you provide to STARFIELD INDIE through social media accounts may be collected in order to capture conversations between you and other STARFIELD INDIE friends, fans, professionals of the entertainment industry. It may be used for inquiry response, statistical measurement uses.