A starship captain with a stormy past must protect her crew – and her sanity – from a telepathic madwoman bent on destroying the universe.


A seemingly random disaster maroons the ship on the outer rim of known space, on a collision course with a hidden planetoid… and a dark conspiracy unfolds between Nine, Schull, and the mysterious experiment that dragged them so far from home. Captain Reggie must confront the pain of her past and present as Sister Nine wreaks murderous havoc aboard her ship, slashing open old wounds, new victims, and holes in space/time itself. Caught between the past and potential futures, Reggie must fight a bloody battle against living nightmares… an existential struggle at the edge of nowhere, to prevent the undoing of the universe itself.


Producer: Mark Pickering and Dan D’or
Philip Jackson
Year of Production:
Running Time: 110 min
Language: English
Format: 4k widescreen
Status: Pre-prep
Available Territories: foreign for presale