Archival Restoration

We learned many processes of upgrade and restoration work pulling from our depth in film post production, then  digital and a couple of decades in CGI and work, merging our love and knowledge and Cinema history in film, with the latest in new technology, including AI and AI animation .

That we would tangent part of our efforts into archival and restoration of films and television came naturally. All of us grew up knowing post production -we had to, we were making our own films, many of the sci-fi pushing inventive envelopes way back when…   But it wasn’t just the knowledge of the art and high tech of film production. Restoration and Archival means one has to track the rights as well as the truest original pieces of what you’re restoring. A show, even a restored one  must have a legal exploitable existence as well as celluloid and digital files churning in AI. Our experience as producers of -often complexly financed films and shows enabled us to handle both equally sides of restoration and archival processes.

Our very first experiences in restoration was 0n our own works, about 30 films and scripted TV drama going as far back as to the late  1970s  in super-16…

In 1978 intermittently funded low, low production started on Music of the Spheres, finishing in 1981. Restored in 2019 released to stream on Tubi and others in 2019.

In 2017 Phil ran into writer John Frizzel and became re-acquainted with the 1983 classic and world shaking film he’d c0-written Winter Tan (staring the inestimable Jackie Burroughs).

Casual talk about a now shot event re-introducing the film (a film that had broken the Ontario Censor Board, for a start- and burned a path of outrage or celebration through world film festivals long before the internet, turned into a discussion of – where can we find a print? Eventually two old super-16mm theatrical prints, faded by several decades of chemical decay, and no trace of the original negatives showed up. This led us to our first shot a restoring a third party classic.  Working closely with our friends at Eggplant Pictures and Sound we had the challenge and honour of restoring -from old and damaged prints two new digital masters, one for theatrical projection and two for streaming services. The carefully restored soundtrack, from origins of optical print damaged mono release prints is amazing (hat’s off to Bruce Fleming at Eggplant Sound).

The restored Premiered was held by TIFF in a special event at the Bell Lightbox in Toronto.

In Europe the restored film was projected at the Edinburg Fringe and has since gone into North American Streaming. We have been invited to contract to the distribution of the picture in Europe, and have now met all restorations costs without subsidy  or 3rd party financial support.  It was an encouraging start.

This effort was followed by a (happily)  and equally successful  restoration and  relaunch of Clay Boris’s 1982 Cannes Director’s Fortnight raucous festival hit Alligator Shoes .  In both films, we had to research, hunt archive and estates to recreate  Chain of title and right to exploit  for the owner/producers.

We are doing some cultural institutional creative recovery work we hope to be able to report on soon. Great cinema, great shows, deserve to be there for future generations. We’re proud as heck to be part of that.

For more on our film and series restoration capacities and services, call us at 647-783-2799 or email




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North American Release of Blu Ray Collectors Edition of Starhunter REDUX on August 23 2022.


      Starhunter ReduX: The Complete Series

[Collector’s Edition]


Starhunter REDUX has finally landed in blu ray! This beloved science-fiction adventure series starring Michael Paré (Streets Of Fire, Eddie And The Cruisers), Stephen Marcus (Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels), Tanya Allen (Silent Hill), Claudette Roche (The Game), and Clive Robertson (Darkstar: The Motion Picture) is finally available as a 10-Disc Blu-ray set by the storied genre distributor  SHOUT! Factory including all 44 episodes, releases AUGUST 23 2022, with all of the expanded footage, updated special effects and the original 16:9 aspect ratio intact!


Welcome to the year 2275. Earth has colonized the entire solar system … but danger still lurks in every corner. Bounty hunter Dante Montana (Paré) and his crew travel among the far reaches of the Solar System on the trail of interplanetary criminals, including the Raiders – an evil cabal that Dante believes kidnapped his beloved son. Elsewhere, covert forces wage a desperate war to unlock the secrets of the mysterious Divinity Cluster, believed to hold powerful knowledge that in the wrong hands would offer the power to dominate the known universe.

Bonus Features

  • Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
  • Effects: Before And After
  • Starhunter At FanExpo
  • Green Screen Follies
  • The Rudolpho Monologues
  • Recording The Theme
  • Composer Donald Quan … Live!
  • Promos old and new

Product Information

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Starfield CreatorCo Signs Distribution Deal with Shout! Factory for the Re-Launch of Starhunter REDUX

TORONTO – Starfield CreatorCo, a Toronto-based science fiction film and television production
company, is pleased to announce it has signed a distribution deal with the Shout! Factory, a
leading multi-platform media company, for its popular science fiction television series,
Starhunter REDUX, now available on Amazon Prime in the US and UK.


Starfield CEO Philip Jackson made the announcement at the recent Toronto International Film
Festival held here in September. The distribution deal provides Shout! Factory with all media
rights in North America.


“There couldn’t be a better distributor for us than SHOUT Factory,” said Jackson. “Their
identification with the markets that our audiences live in is a robust but particular kind of
demographic. No one is better positioned to maximize the exploitation of this 44-episode sci-fi
classic than Shout! Factory.”


The release of the series in 2000 created a loyal, if cult-like fan base over the years and now
subscribers to Amazon prime in the US and the UK can watch all 44 fully-restored episodes,
many of which boast new footage. Missing or censored content was re-shot from scratch in half
of the episodes. This involved writing an additional story arc that entailed having actors 20
years older meeting their former selves in green-screened interaction.


The current re-launch of the two-season series on Amazon Prime includes a daily social media
campaign showcasing episode previews and never-before-seen production stills from the show
as well as behind-the-scenes. The media roll-out began in August and continues today on
Starhunter’s popular platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit.


Mark Terry, Director of Communications, Starfield CreatorCo
Tel: 416-899-5855

Pictures, interviews, and video previews available upon request.



ABOUT Starfield CreatorCo
Starfield Independent Studios Inc. dba “Starfield CreatorCo”, is a creative Toronto/London
studio with partners in Munich, Hong Kong, UK and France. Producers, (G.) Philip Jackson,
Lynda Cope, Peter Horton (for more information, see About Starfield at They are drawn together by creative gravity, a shared dedication to developing and delivering novel and compelling stories as feature films, TV and transmedia.
“Imagination Works” is Starfield’s motto.


Shout! Factory, LLC is a leading multi-platform media company devoted to film and TV
distribution, development, and production, as well as the preservation and revitalization of the
very best in pop-culture entertainment. Founded by Richard Foos, Bob Emmer, and Garson
Foos in 2003, Shout! owns and manages a large portfolio of films, contemporary and classic TV
series, animation, and documentaries. The company’s creative acquisition mandate has
established it as a leading independent distributor, with partners and properties including
GKIDS, Sesame Street, The Carol Burnett Show, The Johnny Carson Show, IFC Films, Stephen J. Cannell Productions, ITV Studios, Major League Baseball Productions, and many others. Shout! Factory Kids focuses on live-action and animated kids and family properties as well as anime, and the company releases films and television shows in other genres under the Scream Factory and Shout Select imprints. Shout! develops, acquires and distributes new films via Shout! Studios, owns and operates libraries including Mystery Science Theater 3000 (in partnership with creator Joel Hodgson) and the Roger Corman New Horizon Pictures Library, and operates the acclaimed streaming service Shout! Factory TV. Shout! Factory is based in Los Angeles, California. For more on Shout! Factory, visit


Starhunter is a Canada-UK-France Sci-Fi TV series that aired for two seasons. The series was
produced by Starfield CreatorCo’s predecessor The Danforth Studios Ltd. (a D’or/Jackson
Company). The series stars Michael Paré, Tanya Allen, Claudette Roche, and Clive Robertson.

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